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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Facebook User Narrates The Dangers Of Going To Europe By Road Through Libya As He Shares Graphic Photos[Viewers Discretion Advised]

A Facebook user, McThomas Precious shared graphic photos of people who died while trying to get into Europe through Libya by road in other to highlight its dangers. He revealed that the route has claimed thousands of lives while a lot of Africans are presently in Libyan prisons. He wrote;
For those who don't know the dangers of this route, please tell everyone it is 99.9% unsafe.

Nigerian Trafficking Victim Told Irish Court How She Was Forced To Have Sex With Up Uo Ten Men A Day

A Nigerian woman who was trafficked into Ireland and forced into prostitution narrated to the court how she was made to was have sex with up to ten men a day for no payment.

She disclosed this in Dublin court on Tuesday, January 17th, during the trial of Joy Imasogie, 40, (pictured above) an alleged trafficker. 

The woman told a jury she underwent a "voodoo process" in Nigeria before coming to Ireland, during which she swore she would not report Imasogie.

Watch Video: Footage Of Nigerian Air Force & Special Forces Deployed On ECOWAS MandatE To Senegal For Imminent Gambia Crisis

Lagos Today! Gravel Truck Falls On Car In Ojuelegba, Leaving One Person Dead [Photos]

Gravel truck fell on a vehicle at Ojuelegba leaving one dead. LRU recovered the victim and towed the vehicles.

RIP to the dead.

Gambian State House Website Displays Adama Barrow as Country's New President

As crisis continues to loom over The Gambia following Yahya Jammeh's refusal to step down, the country's website has displayed Adama Barrow as new president. 

Following the of resignations hitting his cabinet in its last official days, President Yahya Jammeh’s end is probably near.

The latest indication of that is the display, as at press time, the picture of the man who brought Jammeh’s 22-year rule to an inglorious, Adama Barrow on the official website of Gambia’s State House.

UK Congratulates Adama Barrow On His Inauguration As Gambia's President

British foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, on Thursday congratulated Mr. Adama Barrow on his inauguration as Gambia's President, adding that former President Jammeh must now stand aside to allow an orderly transition.

Speaking after President Barrow’s inauguration, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in a statement said:

Yahya Jammeh’s Whereabouts Remains Unknown As ECOWAS Orders Troops To Capture Him Dead Or Alive

Image result for President of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh was unknown as at Thursday.

The whereabouts of the outgoing President of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh was unknown as at Thursday.

This was just as last-minute attempts by Mauritanian President, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to convince Jammeh to give up the presidency, failed.

There are indications he may have gone into hiding in a bid to escape being further persuaded into conceding defeat after he earlier devised a means of extending his stay, by declaring a 90-day State of Emergency.

New Gambian Leader Adama Barrow Sworn In At Ceremony In Senegal

A new Gambian president has been sworn into office in neighbouring Senegal while the Gambia’s defeated longtime ruler refuses to step down, deepening a political crisis in the west African country.
Adama Barrow was inaugurated on Thursday in a hastily arranged ceremony at the Gambia’s embassy in Senegal. The embassy room held about 40 people, including Senegal’s prime minister and the head of the Gambia’s electoral commission.

New Gambian Leader Adama Barrow Sworn In At Ceremony In Senegal

Adama Barrow is sworn in as president of the Gambia at the country’s embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

A new Gambian president has been sworn into office in neighbouring Senegal while the Gambia’s defeated longtime ruler refuses to step down, deepening a political crisis in the west African country.
Adama Barrow was inaugurated on Thursday in a hastily arranged ceremony at the Gambia’s embassy in Senegal. The embassy room held about 40 people, including Senegal’s prime minister and the head of the Gambia’s electoral commission.

Nigerian Guy Releases Nude Photos Of Girl Caught Dating Friend's Father

Linda Ikeji Sister, Laura Marries Kanu Nwankwo's Brother, Ogbonna in Lagos (Photos)

Linda Ikeji's younger sister, Laura Ikeji, has today, January 19, 2017, officially tied the knot with her fiance, Ogbonna Kanu, at the Ikoyi marriage registry in Lagos.
Recall that we had reported some weeks ago that Laura was proposed to with an engagement ring last month by Ogbonna, who is a younger brother to Nigerian football legend, Kanu Nwankwo.
Pictures of the couple at the Ikoyi Federal Marriage Registry in Lagos were shared on social media moments ago by Sandra Ikeji.

MMM Participants Lose Patience, Attack Each Other & Guiders Over New Rules And Their Inability To Get Their Money

Image result for MMM Participants Lose Patience
The cracks within the MMM community in Nigeria have continued to widen with many of the three million participants in the Ponzi scheme losing patience and trading accusations due to their inability to get their money out of the scheme after waiting for more than a month.

After being mocked Nigerians opposed to the scheme and fed excuses by those behind it for over a month, confidence in the scheme is declining with participants questioning its mode of operation and faulting explanations offered by guiders.

Gambia’s Newest President Says “The New Era Of Gambia Is Here At Last.”

“My dearest Gambians the presidency of Yahya Jammeh is officially over. The new era of Gambia is here at last,” said President elect Adama Barrow in a twitter posting shortly past midnight after the expiration of Jammeh’s presidential term mandate.
Mr. Barrow, will be sworn in today as Gambia’s third president since independence from Great Britain. He has backing of the West African bloc ECOWAS, the AU, EU, and the United Nations.

Gambia Army Chief Says Troops Will Not Fight Intervention

Image result for Gambia army chief badjie
Gambia’s army chief said Wednesday he would not order his men to fight other African troops if they enter Gambian territory, speaking as Senegalese and other troops massed on his nation’s borders.

The Senegalese troops backed by other African forces are on standby to move into The Gambia as President Yahya Jammeh approaches a midnight deadline to stand down or face military action after refusing to leave at the end of his term.

Banker Arrested For Beating Up His Wife After Denying Her Sex For Two Years

A 41-year old bank staff, Raymond Olisa Okani has been arrested and charged before a Lagos court for allegedly battering his wife, Nkiruka, 36, after denying her sex as punishment for two years in Lagos State, Pmexpress reports.

The incident happened at 511 Road, Gowon Estate in Egbeda, Lagos where they reside. His arrest and arraignment followed a petition to the police by a human right group who had tried every means to settle the matter but instead it was getting worse due to the man’s constant assault on Nkiruka.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Police AIG, Others Stranded as Women Barricade Delta Road over Fulani Attacks

Many travelers were stranded with commercial and social activities brought to a halt following the blockage of East-West Road by protesting women from Ohorhor community, Ughelli North area of Delta State over what they described as incessant killing, r*ping and other attacks on indigenes of the community by armed Fulani herdsmen.

They protested over invasion of farmlands and other atrocities by herdsmen in the community. The protesting women blocked East-West Road in Delta, rendering many travellers including Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 5, Abubakar Mohammed, who was traveling to Bayelsa State for an official assignment stranded. More photos.

For 45 Years This Man Collected Pennies. Then At The Bank, His Total Took Me By Surprise!

In total, he had more than $5,000 in pennies!

Pictured: The Officers & Jets NAF Deployed To Senegal For Imminent Gambia Crisis

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has deployed to Senegal as part of Nigerian contingent of Economic Community of West African States Military Intervention in Gambia (ECOMIG) – a standby force tasked by ECOWAS Heads of State to enforce the December 1, 2016 election mandate in the The Gambia. The NAF today moved a contingent of 200 men and air assets comprising fighter jets, transport aircraft, Light Utility Helicopter as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft to Dakar from where it is expected to operate into Gambia. The deployment is also to forestall hostilities or breakdown of law and order that may result from the current political impasse in The Gambia. 

Senegal Moves Troops Near Gambia As Jammeh Remains Defiant

Senegalese troops were seen moving towards the Gambian border in a show of force to pressure President Yahya Jammeh to stand down, the BBC reports.
Mr. Jammeh was scheduled to handover to President-elect Adama Barrow on Thursday but has instead remained defiant despite losing the December 1, 2016 presidential election.

I Left My Husband Two Days After Wedding – Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi

Dr. Abiola Akiyode Afolabi

Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi is a lawyer and the Executive Director Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC).  She is a leading human rights advocate in Nigeria with specialization in International human rights. She has won several international and national awards for her works on gender equality and fight for women rights. In this interview with ORUKPE NELSON, she extols the joy of motherhood and how women can be amply represented in our society.

How do you think women have fared so far especially in the dispensation we are in right now?
I think a lot happened with respect to development of Nigerian women. If we look at where we were in 1960 and where we are now, while there are still a lot of challenges and impediments affecting us as women, I think Nigerian women generally have recorded a lot of successes. We have moved from voiceless to having voices although the voices are still not pronounced as we would want but there has been a lot of shift from where we used to be to where we are now.

Lagos Landlord Hangs Tenant's Dog On The Ceiling

According to a blog reader who sent this in, this happened at Sapade along Lagos-Ibadan Express way. A tenant moved into the building with his dog just two weeks ago. The landlord told the tenant that dogs were not allowed in his compound and told the tenant he should keep his dog within his rented apartment which as you all know is not possible.

Woman Survives A Terrible Accident With Just A Scratch, Son Testifies - 'God Is Alive'

A young man shared some photos of the damaged vehicle his mother escaped from, after an accident occured. Via his social media he testifies that God is indeed alive, that his mother just had a little scratch and was uninjured.

See more photos:

Gambia’s Health Minister Resigns; Flees To Geneva

Footballer Who Survived Colombia Plane Crash Takes His First Steps Since The Disaster

Image result for Footballer who survived Colombia plane crash takes his first steps since the disaster
Brazilian Helio Neto was one of just six people pulled alive from the wreckage of the jet which crashed down in November, killing 71 - including most of the Chapecoense football team. 

New images by Daily Mail, show the 31-year-old, who was reading a Bible extract before the plane went down on its approach to the city of Medellin, walking around without using crutches. 

Last Person To Walk On The Moon, Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan, Dies At Aged 82

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)  on Monday confirmed on Twitter that retired astronaut, Eugene Cernan, who was the last man to set foot on the moon has died at the age of 82.

'We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon'.

The late Cernan who serve as spacecraft commander of Apollo 17, was one of only three people to go to the Moon twice, and the last man to leave a footprint on the lunar surface in 1972. The mission was launched on December 1972.

18-Year-Old Girl Who Was Kidnapped At Birth 'Discovered Her True Identity Two Years Ago When She Tried To Apply For A Job And Required A Birth Certificate'

Kamiyah Mobley 'discovered her identity 2 years ago'

A teenager who who was stolen from hospital as a newborn by a woman who then raised her as her own child, actually made the shocking discovery two years ago, a friend claims.
Alexis Manigo, 18, claimed she only found out on Friday that her real name was Kamiyah Mobley and that Gloria Williams kidnapped her from a Florida hospital on the day she was born.
But Arika Williams, who long believed she was Mobley's half-sister, insists that she found out she was abducted when she went to apply for a job two years ago. 
'She was upset about it,' Williams told People. 'She even stayed home from school the next day.' 

British/Nigerian Boxing World Champion Anthony Joshua Is Hit By Shocking Anti-Muslim Abuse After He Tweets A Picture Showing Himself Praying In A Mosque With Friends During Trip To Dubai

Anthony Joshua is hit by shocking anti-Muslim abuse
The IBF heavyweight title holder (circled) took time out of his training to visit the religious building in Dubai, but was greeted with a torrent of criticism by so-called fans after sharing it online. Joshua, 27, is not a Muslim, and has previously said he doesn't follow any religion, but rather takes an interest in different faiths. 

Wife Of Chuks Okebata Reveals Her Side Of The Story – “I Did Not Kill My Husband”

Image result for Chuks Okebata

The wife of Chuks Okebata has come out openly to narrate her own side of the story saying that she is innocent of her husbands death and has no hand in it. It was observed that since a video emerged on Facebook showing late Chuks Okebata and his wife  in a conflict    of words after which she called the cops on him, people  started  accusing her  of having a hand in his death.

Chuks’ wife has reacted to the damaging videos making the rounds by telling her side of the story. According to her, she called the cops on her husband for her own safety because Chuks constantly subjected her to physical abuse.

Gambia’s Parliament Extend Jammeh’s Mandate For Another Three Months!

As the deadline for the expiration of the mandate of the Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, gets closer, members of the National Assembly today, extended Jammeh’s term for another three months. The term of the National Assembly was also extended for three months. Both terms were due to expire on Wednesday at midnight Gambian time.

UPDATE: Chuks Okebata Was Allegedly Cheating On Wife Before His Murder

Image result for Chuks Okebata
The sister to late Chuks Okebata shared videos of Chuks' wife asking her husband to leave their home or she will send him to jail. 

The couple was having very serious marital issues before Chuks was killed after he left the United States for the first time in many years to come spend the Christmas holidays in Nigeria.

There's an update, guys. Before her husband was murdered, Chuks' wife had cried out to let the world know her husband was cheating and throwing it in her face.

Watch Videos Of US Army Veteran Chuks Okebata's Wife Threatening To Send Him To Jail Before He Was Murdered

US Army Veteran Chuks Okebata was abducted and murdered when he came back to Nigeria to celebrate the Yuletide and New Year holidays with his family in Imo state..

Chuks' last Facebook post
Heartbreaking videos which show the hell Chuks Okebata was going through with his wife before he was killed are below.

Tape Shows Trump Contradicting Himself (Again) On Putin Meeting

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News, photos: Sergei Ilnitsky/Pool Photo via AP, Evan Vucci/AP )
President-elect Donald Trump told a radio interviewer in October 2015 that he had met Vladimir Putin “one time … a long time ago” and that he “got along with him great” — a statement that conflicts with his later denials during the campaign that he had ever met or spoken with the Russian president.

The newly surfaced audiotape, uncovered by a political opposition-research group, could fuel new questions about the precise nature of Trump’s past relations with the Russian president — a subject about which he has made multiple contradictory comments. It was released just hours after Putin, speaking from Moscow, denounced officials in the Obama administration as “worse than prostitutes” for circulating “nonsense” personal allegations about Trump that were allegedly collected by Russian intelligence.

Nigerian Warship Heads For The Gambia Ahead Of Possible Military Intervention

Image may contain: outdoor and water

Nigeria’s newest warship, the NNS Unity, is sailing towards The Gambia ahead of possible military intervention over President Yahya Jammeh's refusal to accept election defeat and step down when his term expires on Thursday.

A Nigerian military source tells the BBC that the patrol vessel is currently sailing off the coast of Ghana after leaving from the commercial caital, Lagos.

The initial aim is to put on a show of force rather than to launch an attack.

Photos: While A Family Was Praying At The Mosque This Guy Was Busy Stealing From Their Home

“A family was shocked to meet an “unwanted guest” at their residence in Abuja after coming home from the mosque. According to Mall. Mansur Ringim who shared this, the robber was busy raiding their home while the family members were away praying (as it appears the prayer took effect immediately). Fortunately for the home owners, the thief was apprehended while “on duty” before he was taken away by policemen who were called to the scene of the crime.

End Time Things! Two Young Boys Caught Pants Down Making Out In Public Space (Video)

Click Here To Watch Video

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nigeria Raises Troops For Gambia, Ready To Remove Yahya Jammeh

Image result for Yahya Jammeh's Application
The Nigerian Army has raised an army battalion that would be deployed in troubled Gambia to forcefully remove President Yahya Jammeh from power if he fails to step down on January 19, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.

The battalion, christened ECOMOG NIBATT 1, was drawn from the Army’s 19th Battalion based in Okitipupa, Ondo State, military insiders have told PREMIUM TIMES.

Personnel were also drawn from other formations and units across the country due to shortage of men at 19 Battalion which has a significant chunk of its troops deployed for internal security task force, Operation Delta Safe.

Jammeh Declares 90-day Emergency In Gambia

Image result for Yahya Jammeh's Application

President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has declared a 90-day state of emergency in his country.
The development comes 24 hours to the end of his tenure.
The terms of the curfew and its implications have not been made known, but there are possibilities that it could affect the swearing on of Adama Barrow, winner of the December presidential election.
Barrow is currently in Dakar, Senegal, but his supporters have said nothing would stop his inauguration, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Pictured: Femi Fani-Kayode Paid Courtesy Visit To 'One Of God's End Time Generals' Bishop David Oyedepo Today

Olufemi Olu-Kayode (FFK) today paid a courtesy call to the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church (aka. Winners Chapel) in his Canaan Land home. 

According to him;
It was an honor to spend some time with one of the most courageous men in our country today at his magnificent home at Canaan land. Bishop David Oyedepo is one of God's endtime generals and a great blessing to Nigeria and the Church. May God continue to use him mightily

MMM Considers 40 Percent Interest As Participants Reduce, Demand Withdrawals

Nearly a week after its return and the seeming less enthusiasm by Nigerians as against what obtained few months ago, owners of the Mavrodi Mondial Movement, MMM, may be considering a new strategy.

Recall that MMM reopened operations on January 13, after one month freezing on accounts that generated anxiety among participants.

DAILY POST gathered on Tuesday that MMM is considering jerking up the interest rate to 40 per cent from the current 30 per cent rate.

Video: 'Your Phone Is Your Private Property No Officer Has The Right To Check Your Mobile Phone' - Lagos Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus

Image result for Lagos Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus
For a long time, Nigerians have asked if it's right for  police officer to search your mobile phones during a routing stop and search exercise on the road. Now, the Lagos State Police PRO, Dolap Badmus has shed more light on the issue saying it is wrong.

In her words, 'Your phone is private, it's your private property because people do alot of private stuffs on their mobile phones so it's wrong. Police officers have no right to do that except there is a reasonable ground to do so'. 

Watch the video after the cut...

Immigration Curbs At Heart Of Brexit Plan - UK To Leave Single Market, Says Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May promised a clean break from the EU in her speech today – ruling out any deal that 'leaves us half-in, half-out'
In an historic speech that will define the UK for generations, the Prime Minister vowed to take the country out of the European single market. She insisted controlling rampant immigration is a red line - and made clear Britain will no longer tolerate being bossed around by European judges. 

The PM's vision will delight Brexiteers but draw howls of outrage from Europhiles - who have been frantically trying to limit the impact of the referendum result since last June. It brings to an end months of hedging and stonewalling by ministers, as they hammered out the plan of attack in the looming negotiations with the EU.

Gambia: As Jammeh’s Term Expires In 48 Hours; Dozens Of Army Officers Detained

There has been massive crackdown on Gambia’s senior army officers, who have been suspected of planning to switch their allegiance to President elect Adama Barrow, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Over dozen officers have been arrested and detained at the National Intelligence Agency headquarters in Banjul. The officers fate is yet to be decided, as dictator Jammeh is refusing to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power come Thursday, January, 19th.

Breaking News: Gambia’s Justice Minister Flees Country!

Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, has reportedly fled the country, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. Justice Minister Singhateh, is believed to have fled to neighboring Senegal. She has joined the list of Jammeh cabinet Ministers on the run.
Ms. Singhateh’s whereabouts became an issue on Monday, afternoon after reports emerged that one of the police intervention officers (PIU) assigned to her has deserted the force. The police command were notified about the officer’s alleged absconding. This was before midday. Ms. Singhateh, later followed suit. She was reportedly smuggled out of the country by third party intelligence operatives.

Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian Parliament Passes Resolution To Bar ECOWAS Military Intervention In Banjul

Gambian Parliamentarians on Monday, passed a motion (resolution) calling on the ECOWAS Heads of State Authority to desist from using force to flush out the regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh. The resolution has barred the West African bloc from deploying troops to Banjul, to settle the political impasse. Deputies agreed that peace should encouraged to settle the political impasse and not through forceful means. The MPS cited the issue of Gambia being a sovereign nation and the need for the country’s constitution to be respected by the African bloc.

Gambia’s Foreign Minister Resigns Says - "I Can't Serve Under Current Circumstances"

Gambian Foreign Affairs Minister, has resigned from the regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, tendered her resignation letter today.
“I am of the conviction that under the prevailing circumstances, I cannot effectively serve as Foreign Minister. I thank you for the opportunity you given me to serve my country,” said Ms. Gaye in her resignation letter dated January 16th. A source emailed Ms. Gaye’s resignation letter to the Freedom Newspaper. Ms. Gaye prayed for the peaceful settling of Gambia’s political impasse. We hereby reproduce Ms. Gaye’s resignation letter, which was addressed to dictator Jammeh. 
Below is a copy of her resignation letter:

Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, Churchill Shows Their Son's Face For The First Time

Actress Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, Oladunni Churchill shared a rare photo of their son face, Andre for the first time in 11 months.

Churchill wrote on his Instagram page as he shared the photo;

'What ever plan the devil has for you won't work, you shall excel and rule like the king that you are.i love you so much. #replica #thekingishere #kingandreaproperties'

Lagos Today! Man Allegedly Parks His Car On Third Mainland Bridge And Attempts To Jump Into The Lagoon, But Was Stopped In Time

According to IG user Olamilekan Abayomi , 'a man parked his car on 3rd Mainland bridge and intended to jump off, fortunately, his friend and other passersby were there to prevent him from jumping as they led him off the bridge. There was also a policeman at he scene. One of the eyewitnesses could be heard saying..."let him follow the policemen". Watch the video after the cut...

Obama Ends ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy for Cubans, No Residency in U.S. Without Visa

Obama Cuba

President Barack Obama has ended the longstanding “wet foot, dry foot” policy that allowed Cuban immigrants who reached U.S. soil to stay in America.
Obama’s decision to end the policy is effective immediately.
The Obama administration made the announcement following a meeting with Cuban officials on Thursday. Over 100,000 Cubans were allowed to stay in America under the 20-year-old policy.

Atlantans React With Outrage After Trump Calls City “Horrible” And “Crime Infested”

Donald Trump John Lewis
On a day when most of America celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s life and legacy, Atlantans are voicing outrage at President-elect Donald Trump for disrespecting their city and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.
Mr. Lewis unwittingly provoked Trump during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press on Saturday, when he said he would skip Trump’s inauguration because he didn’t see the PEOTUS as a “legitimate president”.

African Dream